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Whenever I got sick, I notice that I have personal demand: I don’t want an companion, even in the hospital. The reason for me is clear that I don’t want to be others’ burden and wasting their time to accompany me. All I need are TV, music and books. That’s it. Simple but sometimes confuse others. Yet I appreciate some simpathy calls or visits.

And this is also my act when friends got sick or admitted into hospital. I could only spend half-day and it tears my body off.

So that’s I feel. Is it a bad act?


Happy Birthday to Google

Reading its official blog, I’ve just noticed that it has been 8 years we have been using Google. Huh.. it can be a short time but also long time. Imagine from zero to billionaire in just couple years, from search engine to webmail to spreadsheets.

I always love all the innovations they’ve been creating, it revolutionize the way we use computer in these days. They don’t need to depend on one platform, instead they only need a browser! to perform all computing requirement. That’s the smartest way to compete with Microsoft: you slash from the sides, not face to face competition.

Gmail, Gtalk, Picasa, Spreadsheet, Groups, Calendar, what else will come? Without your notice, they all will be bundled into one suite, that is even more complete than Ms. Office and the best of all is FREE. Of course they have ads, but have you notice that their ads are just text-based, even you may not notice that they are on your screen.

Office Suite on the Web

Several months ago shocked by the power of web 2.0, EditGrid is able to provide spreadsheet application on the web browser, then Google to add spreadsheet to its portfolios, then I thought that the complete office suite could be ported to web browser, which will definitely give a new way to compete with Microsoft Office. And the best thing of all is all of them is free on web.

Today I just found a site to provide word-processor, that is . It is not complete and powerful yet, but now it is only time can tell. And I believe Google soon to add this kind of application. And at that time, Google will have : Email, Calendaring, Page Publisher, Word-processor, Spreadsheet, and of course search engine across these applications. And again, all of them are free. We only need to wait for broadband access on every home, this is the future for Indonesia, the present in Korea and Japan.

Face a tough competition huh Mic?

Kompas is disappointing

It has been several times I found that Kompas (Indonesian Largest Newspaper) is very disappointing in reporting news. I can say that their reporters are lazy and very conservative in telling a story.

Let’s begin with the laziness. I notice that their news is not far from easy-gathered news. That means that they gather news from Associated Press, press-conference from government, invitations from public companies, or from incidents that have already happened. I never find any investigation or in-depth news at least in my 2 years of reading. Before, I subscribed to Tempo Newspaper (and I satisfied!), and people can see this difference.

And the other part is their conservative. Some news are trimmed so people don’t understand about the ground facts. The latest one is about Pope Benedictus XVI words. Kompas just wrote that the Pope said sorry to the moslem community etc etc, without even telling what the Pope had said. Kompas has to put aside their fear-of-conflict syndrome and tell the full fact even it is painful, because by doing that it will clarify the facts.

Why still I read Kompas? Well, most of its readers are looking for advertisements, what’s new in products, and big sales and promos are advertised only at Kompas. To subscribe to 2 newspaper is a waste of time and money. So I still have to stick with it, while read news from Tempo Interactive Website.