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Holiday in MotherCity (=Ibukota)

Yep, just passed through a week without traffic problem in Jakarta. Compared to last year, this year is a bit different, most of the stores were still open and food stores and restaurants were counting quick money since people need them so bad.

Ancol was full, puncak was jammed, Taman Mini? I didn’t see Taman Mini in the news. Shopping Malls were also very crowded, so where did I go last week?

I was sleeping in my home


The Departed vs Infernal Affair

Just watched The Departed (starring Matt Damon, Leo Di Caprio, and Jack Nicholson). Compared to Infernal Affair (IA), this film is losing everything except good and famous casts. You should watch IA if you said The Departed is an Oscar condender. IA is really an efficient storytelling film, keep every scene worth telling, and natural film-ending.

Comparing an adaptation film may not be unfair for some people, but I have to put some points in Tony Leung’s performance, that you couldn’t find that quality in Leonardo Di Caprio.

House of Ashes

Firstly open the site, I found it was a brilliant idea to get money, just to create 1000 slot and wait for blogger to buy a slot for $3, so people entering this main site will probably pick your blog site by your image/photo.

But after several minutes moving in and out, I had just realised that it was like entering house of ashes, that is traditional chinese place to keep death’s ashes. They had also created 30 x 50 x 30 space for families to keep their beloved ashes, then covered with marble stone crafted with name and picture usually in chinese letter. Usually there are hundreds of space in the house and partially remained empty because of feng-shui or bad-luck numbering.

So it is your decision to buy your slot in the site, it is just my sudden thought.

Escape from the Island – Day 8

The final day finally came. I had to leave this island and back to reality. As I could tell, you’ll have different feeling when you were waiting for a airplane to take you home compared to waiting for  boat. The boat definitely had magical tricks to make you feel sad and blank.

So good bye to Pabelokan Island. I just thought that I could land this island once. No future chance except something would happen. Crossing Kepulauan Seribu with blue water, until I found that the water is dark and brown..yep, I had arrived in Jakarta Bay.
The Boat to take me home