The Island – Day 1

I have been on this island since yesterday (10/4). It is named Pabelokan Island. 16 acres land self-operated by an oil company on Kepulauan Seribu. Not much can be done here, since it is small island and half of it is restricted area. Walking for 10 minutes I have already cross half of the island

For sure, meals is not problem and hotel is in acceptable condition, except that we have to be 4 in a room. It is 2 single bed with stairs to upper mattress.

I think one week is okay for me. After that, it will be boring and dull to be here. As long as you don’t stand on the sea side and watch the ocean wave, you won’t notice that you are on an tiny island. Stand there really make you feel lonely and memories of your home and love ones come to your mind.


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