Sunday is the 5th Day

There’s something unique here. You can’t differenciate Sunday and Monday and the other days. Every day is a working day here, 7 days a week. So nothing was special on Sunday. But for me, ha.. took some extra fun on this day.

I went to the beach, sat on a blockage made from stone to restrict people jumping into the water. Yes, swimming even walking on the water is not allowed. So you can image like working on Bali but you are not allowed to swim of surf. Sitting there made me happier and feeling good. Especially when my body was splashed with sea water until all wet.

Me at the beach

Saturday night was a full-moon night. Also a very bright night to spend my time on the beach. It was a romantic night minus creatures called women. Ha.. yep.. it had been several days I didn’t see pretty girls :). All Male here!

For those who want to see the island’s face, here it is : Pabelokan


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