The Departed vs Infernal Affair

Just watched The Departed (starring Matt Damon, Leo Di Caprio, and Jack Nicholson). Compared to Infernal Affair (IA), this film is losing everything except good and famous casts. You should watch IA if you said The Departed is an Oscar condender. IA is really an efficient storytelling film, keep every scene worth telling, and natural film-ending.

Comparing an adaptation film may not be unfair for some people, but I have to put some points in Tony Leung’s performance, that you couldn’t find that quality in Leonardo Di Caprio.


  1. Hey I can’t agree more! I saw the Departed the day it was released. It was just like something stitched together with neither soul or spirit from the original movie.
    Why did they need a director, script writer or everyone else? All they ever needed was a translator! The constant swearing, the unromantic sex scene etc. made me sick.
    The Oscar awards should have been given to Andy Lau, Tony Leung and everyone else played roles in IA. Screw Departed! Leonardo sucked!
    I rather download it than to waste my 10 bucks as I’ve watched the same story in a much better quality many times already!

  2. When I saw that The Departed wins Oscar including its director, well it hurts me so bad 😦

    The Oscar should have gone to Andrew Lau (Director) and Best Film to Infernal Affairs (even Academy Awards can only put into Best Foreign Movie )

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