New Phone

Last week I purchased a new GSM Phone, oddly out of my budget control and out out my promise (not to buy expensive phone anymore). It is a Sony Ericsson M600 white. Built in candy bar, using Symbian OS 9.1 known as UIQ3, plus touch screen, I can say it is a beautiful phone yet powerful.

Sony Ericsson M600i White It took me several days to adapt its qwerty keyboard (see image for its keyboard character design), but I can say this keyboard is not hard as I had imagined. This phone comes with 60MB internal memory, and Memory Stick Micro M2 64MB. The actual space you can use is around 80MB Free. So definitely I have to purchase additional 1GB to build a jukebox. Yes, this phone can be used as mp3 player as other SE Walkman Phone series, but maybe its battery performance is not impressive enough. I have to recharge this phone every 2 days.

One thing missed from this phone is ability to display chinese character. even it can’t show chinese character in MP3 ID Tag, not to mention ability to type chinese character in SMS. After browsing couple hours, I notice that SE launched the other version SE M608c for Chinese Market with handwriting recoqnition. Phew, it seems that I can’t merge these two functionalities into my M600i.

It comes with a lot of (trial) applications, so just can try them for a week. I found IM+ as an complete Instant Messaging software. With IM+ I can chat with Gtalk, YM, MSN friends. And sadly free for 5 days only. Trying to find the cracked, but not working. Agile Messenger is also so expensive for an IM. Why can’t they follow meebo as a free..

Finally I found GoTalkMobile for Gtalk and Mig33 for the rest IMs. Yop, good news is they are free!


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