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3G coming to town

Finally, my GSM Cellphone shows 3G Icon when I am at home. Usually I can only see that icon at Jakarta Area, and if I am back home at Karawaci, back to normal mode: slow but sure GPRS Hahaha.

Definitely this 3G Icon means a lot. My connection speed boost to 2x faster (or this is just my illusion, who knows). But I think it will increase again since the signal when this 3G active is just 2 bars.

And for you who still don’t know my condition: I am connection using Indosat Matrix (without data plan) so my rate is still that expensive Rp. 10/Kb. So sad huh, just wondering when there will be a cheap data package for me.


Blood and Bloody Diamond

Last sunday I’ve been watching Blood Diamond. It was a good movie in my opinion, opening our mindset about diamond production and distribution around the world. And one more thing, Leonardo DiCaprio acts better in this movie than in The Departed.

I was surprised that he can act in a higher level than his previous movies. The Departed surely is his moment of acting development. Maybe because of Martin Scorcose direction.

Back to the blood diamond story, I was impressed by the film storyline, it could bring an impression that it was a half-true story. And at the end bring the message that when you buy a diamon jewerly, there is a chance it came from that bloody diamond.


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64th Golden Globe Award

I got more distracted when I wanted to watch information about winners Golden Globe Award in an Indonesian TV channel. I found nothing at all in the news even in infotainment. So sad to see that they didn’t improve and sticked on cheap gossips.

Then I switched to HK and Taiwan to watch the news and interviews. Yeah, The Departed -that was not so good- won the best director. Then I think what if the original version, Infernal Affairs, nominated in the award, what will be won? I bet all the nominations.