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Welcome Three Operator..

Glad to hear that Hutchison Group will operate their mobile network in Jakarta soon. Branding with name “3” – Three (applies to other countries too: UK, Australia), I believe it will bring a new competition to existing ‘local’ GSM operator (XL, Indosat, Telkomsel). With international expertise and competitive pricing, it will grab a lot of subscribers.

In the news that I read, call among 3 – Three – users is Rp 150 (local and long-distance) . Cross-operator call is Rp 1000 (USD 0.11) for local and Rp 2000 for long-distance call. No pricing for 3G Data communication yet, but it must be very cheap to attract ‘internet-hunger’ customer like me.

Another incentive should be phone-bundling, which is a common practice for Hutchison in US and Europe. This means you can get a new phone for free for let’s say 1 or 2 year-contract.

One point is the service will be available only in Jakarta. For those of you outside the capital, be patient please ūüôā

(update April 2) I’ve purchased a new 3 SIM card, its number prefix +62 899 XXXX, and the signal quality is very good in Lippo Karawaci and Kebon Jeruk, a good start for a new operator. But when I tried to open the website, it seems that it has not ready yet.


I’m using Sony Ericsson M600i and Apple MacBook (Intel) running Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.8. I’ve got problem when I want to dial GPRS using bluetooth or cable from the Mac. Tried to pair the bluetooth connection was not successful since the Mac didn’t recognize the phone.

Later here is my order of solution.
1. Update Mac OS X to version 10.4.9
2. After the update, I see that the phone can be found by iSync (but still not supported for synchronize)
3. Do pairing again using bluetooth (Set Up Bluetooth Device.. and follow the procedure, until you find the choose Username to dial)
4. Enter the username and password for dial-up, then select for Modem Script “Ericsson T39 28.8”
5. Try to dial for Internet Connection.

That should be working. But some sites were not able to open, I don’t know whether because of the ISP or the modem script. But at least I’ve made progress because I couldn’t dial at all before.

Finally I can get my phone works as bluetooth modem.

  1. Download modem script from, I downloaded Sony Ericsson 3G Script
  2. Drop the modem scripts into Library/Modem Scripts
  3. Set up PPP:
    1. Open Network Preferences
    2. Optional: Create a new location – call it “Mobile” or whatever
    3. Select “Show: ‘Bluetooth Modem Port’
    4. Select the PPP tab and enter your network name in “Service Provider”.
    5. Enter in “Telephone Number” the APN for your network (my case:
    6. Enter the Account name & Password (if required)
  4. Setup Modem
    1. Select the Bluetooth Modem tab in Network Preferences
    2. Set ‘Modem: “Sony Ericsson 3G “‘
  5. Connect
    1. Open Internet Connect
    2. Select Bluetooth Modem Port
    3. Click “Connect”

Blitz Cinema in Jakarta

Well, after trying Blitz Megaplex Cinema in Bandung (see my post Paris Van Java), today is its soft opening in Grand Indonesia Jakarta. Not much can be revealed: ticket price, schedule, and promotion (HSBC Credit Card Promo should be brought here too ūüôā ), but I think it is the largest screen in Indonesia – 11 screens.

What I expect is more confortable seat (in Bandung was average) and cooler aircon. Anything else? competion in ticket price sounds good huh? Rp 20.000 – Rp 30.000 is acceptable, not to mention buy 1 get 1 promo.

If you want to check out what is today’s movie schedule, click Blitz Website .

<<update 18 May 2007>>
Ticket price is Rp 40,000 (Fri-Sun) and Rp 25,000 (Mon-Thu). This is regular western movie pricing. Asian and festival film have different price. For those HSBC Gold Card holder, Buy 1 Get 1 promo for weekend and silver card holder can enjoy cheaper price everyday (30-40% off regular price).

Soon it will open two new megaplex at One Pacific Place located at SCBD Jakarta and Mall of Indonesia at Kelapa Gading Square Jakarta.

Tough competition forces Cineplex 21 group to adjust their price at EX, Senayan, and Senayan City XXI (they all located near Blitz), from Monday to Friday now only have to pay Rp 25,000 per ticket. Meanwhile Friday to Sunday you have to pay Rp 50,000 although BCA Card promo buy 1 get 1 still apply on weekend.

Breaking the Cage

Finally I got my MacBook (3/16). Well, all I can say is after using this Mac I will dump my Windows XP. Let me describe one by one. Technically, it is a white MacBook, with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz and 1 GB SO-DIMM Memory, with Max OS X Tiger 10.4.8 as software bundling.

First, let me describe the packaging first. As I have used several laptop brands (Toshiba, Compaq, HP, Sony Vaio), I never feel excitement of opening packaging of a new laptop. Usually just open the brown (cheap) box, removing all plastics and styrofoam, take out laptop and turn it on. No, MacBook has a different feeling. Once I open the brown box, the shiny white box appears. It is a white box with outstanding printing and materials, that was just the start of journey.

Alist and MacBook

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