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Teknolagi Blog

Together with my 2 buddies, we started a new blog site Teknolagi ( It will mostly cover Information Technology stuff, from product to software, from good news to tips and tricks. The blog will be in Indonesian language so will be easier to read.

I’ll keep posting on this blog in English, and some will have Indonesian translation in the Teknolagi Blog.



Elshinta TV

Hey, we have a new local TV Channel again in Jakarta: Elshinta TV. Try to find the channel in 35 UHF. I guess its main programme will be similar to its existing radio programme, that is news channel.

It will fight with MetroTV in smaller stage, if audience share is good then no surprise. Since Elshinta radio is relayed to many cities then the TV channel might try its luck too.

<<updated on 18 May 2007>>
Oh if you don’t receive the signal, you should make sure you are searching the channel between 04.00 PM and 21.00 PM since this time is the only time it broadcast trial reportation.

3.5G using Telkom Flash

I have moved this blog entry to Please follow the link to open it.

Maybe some of you haven’t got the information, that Telkomsel is implementing 3.5G Data Connection. With Telkom Flash as brand, they cover some areas in Jakarta such as Pondok Indah and Kelapa Gading as initial trial. The interesting news is the pricing scheme.TelkomFlash is using time-based as pricing scheme. As basic rule, you are charge Rp. 350 per minutes of using it. There are other package offered, such as monthly packages. See below table.

Updated on June 2008> Telkomsel announces new package with unlimited quota called Telkomsel Flash Unlimited. You can see the monthly plan for Telkomsel Flash Unlimited at here.

Tabel tarif

PAY as YOU GO Rp 350,- / menit kartuHALO

PAKET MINIMAL Rp 30.000,- / 3 Jam
(berlaku untuk 1 hari semenjak pembelian)

Rp 100.000,- / 24 Jam
(berlaku selama 1 minggu semenjak pembelian)
PAKET BULANAN Rp 200.000,- / 40 Jam kartuHALO
Rp 400.000,- / 100 Jam
Rp 800.000,- / 250 Jam

<<updated on 26 May 2007>> Telkomsel has just revised their pricing (using excuse “12th Anniversary of Telkomsel”). From 26 may – 25 June 2007, above pricing scheme is discounted 50%. So as illustration, you only have to pay Rp 150 per minute of connecting. This is to reduce price gap compared to Indosat Mentari IM3 (Rp 100 per minute).<< end of update >>

Well I think Indosat should follow this action since I don’t see any benefit of using Matrix 3G right now. I am very interested to Telkom Flash but it seems that changing phone number and sim card is the last thing I would do.

In summary, Telkomsel Flash and Telkom Speedy is currently offering time-based scheme for Internet. Telkom Speedy now gives you 2 options for subscribing, time-based or amount-based. I try to give recommendation when to choose amount-based or time-based scheme.

Choose Amount-based (per kilobyte / gigabytes) when :

  • Most of your Internet Activities is browsing and blogging
    like this I’ve spent 30 minutes to write this blog, it’s a waste of time to choose time-based for browsing+blogging, not to mention reading a long email from customer.
  • You are chat-addicted person
    Chat using GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, or MSN is a perfect time-wasting activities. These Instant Messaging applications are using small amount of data packages.

Choose time-based package when:

  • You are a good leecher / downloader.
    If the Internet speed is as advertised, download can be a lot faster using bigger bandwidth. Try downloading as efficient as possible, using FlashGet or Download Accelerator will help.
  • You are a YouTube mania
    Watching online video needs huge amount of data. Try to download the youtube file (FLV) into your computer and play it offline using FLVPlayer to save time.

Note: Read my next blog about Step-by-Step to Connect to Telkomsel Flash.

Updated 15 Sept 2008: Indosat has also launched Indosat 3.5G Unlimited package, similar to this Flash Unlimited. More detail can be read from my post here.

Updated 25 May 2009: Do you want a faster Internet connection? Try Smart Internet Unlimited from Smart Telecom. Monthly fee is IDR 189,000 including modem, with speed up to 3.1 Mbps unlimited.