3.5G using Telkom Flash

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Maybe some of you haven’t got the information, that Telkomsel is implementing 3.5G Data Connection. With Telkom Flash as brand, they cover some areas in Jakarta such as Pondok Indah and Kelapa Gading as initial trial. The interesting news is the pricing scheme.TelkomFlash is using time-based as pricing scheme. As basic rule, you are charge Rp. 350 per minutes of using it. There are other package offered, such as monthly packages. See below table.

Updated on June 2008> Telkomsel announces new package with unlimited quota called Telkomsel Flash Unlimited. You can see the monthly plan for Telkomsel Flash Unlimited at here.

Tabel tarif

PAY as YOU GO Rp 350,- / menit kartuHALO

PAKET MINIMAL Rp 30.000,- / 3 Jam
(berlaku untuk 1 hari semenjak pembelian)

Rp 100.000,- / 24 Jam
(berlaku selama 1 minggu semenjak pembelian)
PAKET BULANAN Rp 200.000,- / 40 Jam kartuHALO
Rp 400.000,- / 100 Jam
Rp 800.000,- / 250 Jam

<<updated on 26 May 2007>> Telkomsel has just revised their pricing (using excuse “12th Anniversary of Telkomsel”). From 26 may – 25 June 2007, above pricing scheme is discounted 50%. So as illustration, you only have to pay Rp 150 per minute of connecting. This is to reduce price gap compared to Indosat Mentari IM3 (Rp 100 per minute).<< end of update >>

Well I think Indosat should follow this action since I don’t see any benefit of using Matrix 3G right now. I am very interested to Telkom Flash but it seems that changing phone number and sim card is the last thing I would do.

In summary, Telkomsel Flash and Telkom Speedy is currently offering time-based scheme for Internet. Telkom Speedy now gives you 2 options for subscribing, time-based or amount-based. I try to give recommendation when to choose amount-based or time-based scheme.

Choose Amount-based (per kilobyte / gigabytes) when :

  • Most of your Internet Activities is browsing and blogging
    like this I’ve spent 30 minutes to write this blog, it’s a waste of time to choose time-based for browsing+blogging, not to mention reading a long email from customer.
  • You are chat-addicted person
    Chat using GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, or MSN is a perfect time-wasting activities. These Instant Messaging applications are using small amount of data packages.

Choose time-based package when:

  • You are a good leecher / downloader.
    If the Internet speed is as advertised, download can be a lot faster using bigger bandwidth. Try downloading as efficient as possible, using FlashGet or Download Accelerator will help.
  • You are a YouTube mania
    Watching online video needs huge amount of data. Try to download the youtube file (FLV) into your computer and play it offline using FLVPlayer to save time.

Note: Read my next blog about Step-by-Step to Connect to Telkomsel Flash.

Updated 15 Sept 2008: Indosat has also launched Indosat 3.5G Unlimited package, similar to this Flash Unlimited. More detail can be read from my post here.

Updated 25 May 2009: Do you want a faster Internet connection? Try Smart Internet Unlimited from Smart Telecom. Monthly fee is IDR 189,000 including modem, with speed up to 3.1 Mbps unlimited.


  1. Maaf admin klo boleh numpang promosi,
    Saya pemakai 3G/HSDPA telkomflash juga, dengan menggunakan modem PCMCIA Sierra aircard 875 up to 3,6mbps. Speed yg di dapat area jogja kisaran 170KB/s – 250KB/s (1,3-2mbps).
    Saya jg sbg penyalur/dealer untuk produk ini dgn harga Rp.1,5jt / pengambilan lebih dr 2 dpt discount.
    Untuk info lbh lanjut bisa hub Y!M: pcmcia_modem

    Ayo maksimalkan koneksi t-sel flash anda!


  2. Although I’d prefer a volume-based pricing scheme (aka XL’s 3G), the prices look quite attractive, if they are really 50% of what you posted above. I will give it a try as an alternative, as XL’s 3G was crawling slow the last 2 days here in Seminyak/Kerobokan in Bali. A review of Xl’s 3G service you can find here:


    Has Telkomsel usually better network coverage?

    Cheers from Bali,


    Life is what you make it!

  3. After reading some reviews on the net, mostly said that Indosat 3.5G has better reability and coverage than TelkomFlash. But Telkom Flash speed is robust if you have strong signal in your area.

  4. rommee

    mine uses only 3G capable handset.. yet using flash, the speed rocks!!

    suck those precious bytes till you drop coz the promo (50% cut) will last until the end of this month..

    wuhuuu…. thx telkomsel

  5. Afian

    Saya dari Makassar mau bagi2 sedikit informasi.Saya menggunakan HP Nokia 6110 Navigator sebagai modem,untuk 3G IM3, dengan tarif Rp.100/Menit bisa dapat 254kbps. Kemudian coba2 menggunakan Telkomflash Rp.175/Menit (Hanya Selama Bulan Ramadhan) bisa dapat 350kbps tapi tiap 3-5 menit putus walaupun signal full.

  6. Pak Afian,
    Beberapa kasus yang ditemukan, penyebab putusnya koneksi padahal signal full, selain disebabkan oleh operator, juga bisa disebabkan karena handset dan driver nya sendiri. Jadi jika mau dicoba dengan handset lain ada kemungkinan tidak terjadi putus-putus seperti tersebut

  7. Siang Pak, selamat. Blog ini rank #1 di google.co.id dan google.com dengan kata kunci TELKOM FLASH. Anyway, kalo pake flash & pake HP sebagai modem-nya, selama connect bisa nerima telepon? Terimakasih.

  8. Based on my experience, extensive download (such as torrent or download accelerator) will cause the phone not available for incoming call. But for normal browsing, phone should be available.

  9. andrew

    Apakah tarif promo Rp. 175/menit masih berlaku?
    Kalau usb modemnya harganya berapa ya di pasar?


  10. Sudirman

    Bisa tolong pandu gimana cara setting Nokia 6680 untuk menggunakan telkomflash ?

  11. Peter

    Could you tell me which prepaid GSM operator I need to buy? I will stay in Jakarta for only 1 month and I need to access internet using my laptop and Nokia 3G phone. The consideration is cheap tariff with good connection.

  12. @peter: I recommend you to choose Telkomsel Simpati Pe De or Indosat Mentari. Using Simpati you can activate Flash (time-based internet access, see http://javamilk.com/2007/04/09/35g-using-telkom-flash ) as well as its cheap tariff for on-net call. Meanwhile Mentari Card offers Rp 10kb/s retail rate.

  13. Pandu

    saya dari Wonogiri .Apakah layanan 3g dari Indosat sudah dapat dinikmati didaerah saya ?

  14. bos edy

    adakah artikel yang ditulis dengan bahasa indonesia?
    maklum saya orang bodoh tidak bisa memahami
    artikel yang bapak tulis

    terima kasih

  15. Minta info paket telkomsel.flash paling murah bagaimana?

  16. Bamz cute

    Apa simpati ada yang bisa berlangganan telkom flash ga seperti Halo?

  17. Weleh …

    Saya cukup pake IM3 Time-based
    Rp100/menit, cukup murah buat koneksi mobile

    dengan modem SonyEricsson K810 3G -> 120kbps
    dengan modem SonyEricsson W890 HSDPA -> 312kbps

    Wis .. ono rego ono rupo, kata orang jawa, pengen lebih cepet? pake modem yang lebih hebat .. hehehe

  18. Purwoko

    Bos minta tolong…

    Saya punya flash dan sudah 5 bulan saya pakai di jakarta… semua ok

    kini saya ada di wellington New Zealand, masih bisakah itu saya pakai gmana caranya… dan bagaimana tarifnya… ?

  19. Tapi kok banyak yg komplain ya? Jadi ragu mu nggunain…

  20. Rudy

    Hm… Paket diskon 50% udah mau habis… Kenapa ngga dijadikan tarif tetap aja…
    Jadi bisa buat org lebih hemat… Setidaknya diperpanjang promonya

    Aku mau tanya…
    Tarif telkomsel flash unlimited yg pakai modem flash berapa tarif bulanannya ?

  21. @Rudy: untuk paket unlimited, silakan lihat penjelasan di blog saya: http://javamilk.com/2008/05/27/telkomsel-flash-unlimited/

  22. setahuku emank flash gprs lebih kenceng dibanding im2 broom
    soale aku udah mencoba keduanya…

  23. I’m quite late then. I’ve using the flash via my simpati card. I’m satisfied. The problem is that now I’m not living in a place that is well covered with Telkomsel service. The signal is too weak to connect to internet through my laptop. But it is fairly ok using my cellphone. Still looking for better internet connection. Any suggestion dude? Thanks b4

  24. If you are in Medan, Bandung or Denpasar, just try XL Internet Unlimited. XL Network in those cities are very good and not many people using it so far.

  25. winardy

    man the telkomsel flash is kindda slow..trust me, it was quite fast at the first time i applied for it..lol but then after a while been using it just gets slower and slower..sooo gay to the max.

  26. toni

    Sekarang telkom flash udah jelek kalah sama m2 padahal pakai modem dari telkomflash sinyal 3G full lodingnya lelet kayak keong jalan egal egol…..teman2 ku pada ngeluh tuh ama conection nya t flash..sekarang mah dah pindah ke speedy lebih kenceng..pokoknya t falsh lelet dah…

  27. taun

    uda lemotttttttttttttttttttt bageeeeeeeeettttttttttttt…………
    nyesel ntar…….

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  2. 2 Step by Step to Connect to Telkomsel Flash « Alisanta - Technology and Lifestyle Blog

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