Indosat Mentari 3G

I’ve just tried to use Indosat Mentari 3G Dialup access. All I can say is just ‘Wow’. The price is Rp 100 per minutes. So I opened all websites, pop mail (300+ mails), and using download manager at once to save time. I have to save time because rate is counting in minutes, not in how big I download.

Mentari time-based access is to counter Telkomsel Flash (see my previous post) which was quite expensive (Rp 350/minute), so I believe Telkomsel should revise their price in order to keep customer.

My download speed is 10-20 KB/s which is quite good as dialup alternative. FYI, I’m using Sony Ericsson M600i, see login setting below.

APN indosatgprs
Username indosat@durasi
Password indosat@durasi

I wish I had 3.5G phone šŸ™‚


  1. Di bekasi (bintara) tadi pagi sempat dapat HSDPA 2 Bar dengan
    top speed 1.8 Mbps euy di DU Meter.
    Kalo test speed sih belum pernah, soale habis tar volume ane šŸ™‚

    a. rahman isnaini rangkayo sutan

  2. bowo

    I am using mentari pre paid, location Cikarang,I have trouble with indosatgprs for the last one month, usually I can connect to the internet using user name and password indosat@durasi, but now after “registering to the network” it is disconnected and pop up “PPP link error” or something like that. Is there any solution for this? I never change anything.
    My PC’s OS is Windows XP SP2.

  3. Nunukan

    This indosat durasi is not usefull. in my city its not respond downstream only upstream.

  4. top

    I’ve tried this indosat@durashit… and it was succeeded only for the first time attempt. Next time I try to connecting my pc, it make me confused, because it decrease the amount of reguler pulse, not the internet one…

    I wasn’t changed anything both on my pc and cellphone…

    the time based connection was not work on me… until now.

  5. Tolong aq ingin mendonload lagu ini kenapa saat mendonload ke gogle tidak bisa

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