New Ride: Tornado at Dufan Theme Park

Yesterday I went to Dunia Fantasi Ancol Theme Park. Using free ticket got from Giant, with Yulia we entered the largest theme park in Southeast Asia. Yep, this time in Bulan Ramadhan we got few queue in most of the rides. It has been almost one year since my last visit, so many improvement have been worked.

The main attaction promoted heavily on newspaper is Tornado. It is basically sit-and-twisted ride, similar to Kicir-Kicir, but in bigger vehicle.

Using 2-axes stands, your body will be twisted upside-down. The feeling should be similar to airplane crash (oh boys). Sitting there for 5 minutes should be a new experience for all of guys.

Have you played it? Prepare for the thrill!


  1. destri mutzzzz

    dufan is so cool………

  2. agung

    kerenz abiz dech pokoknya kalo naik tornado…sekali naik lho bisa ketagihan….mantap

  3. pia

    beneran ga c gosipnya dufan makan korban????

  4. victoria T.

    Hry When you went on those rides were they freaky? They look awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  5. just sit on the bench and get ready to be shaken like chicken wing in barbeque party 🙂

  6. Fellya Mariansyah Ariana Aimi

    Kepingin bangett deh ksna..
    Dah lama bngett gk ke Jakarta…

    Huh i wish i could go back to Jakartaa and have some hilarious Fun!!!

    miss those days

  1. 1 Scattered Letters v.12 » Blog Archive » Dufan And Other Things

    […] in the air like that, damn, you’d feel the same way. However, Dufan’s newest ride, Tornado, proved to be the most insane ride I ever tried… The massive adrenaline-ride promotion is not […]

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