How many times you restart MacBook?

During my 6 months+ of MacBook use:  12 times.

– 6 times because cannot eject bad DVD Disc

– 2 times because of system update.

– once because of freeze

– rest is because I want to restart it.

How stable is it? (my wish list : put a hardware DVD eject instead of software eject.)


  1. I had a 15″ Titanium Powerbook for 5 years before I spilled a pitcher of water on it. I think I restarted the thing about once a month during a bad month (FYI… I’m a computer engineer and I live, breathe, and bleed UNIX. That computer took quite a pounding and wrote it’s fair share of software).

    When somebody asked one of my friends what was so great about Apple’s computers, he replied “The main difference between an ordinary PC and an Apple is that Macs have a soul”.

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