Step by Step to Connect to Telkomsel Flash

Telkom FlashI have moved this article to my new site, please follow this link to open updated article.

But my previous post was only intended to explain pricing scheme.
Now I want to provide with more details about instruction to connect to Telkomsel Flash (yeah, remember that this product name is Telkomsel instead of Telkom).
Updated> Telkomsel announces new package with unlimited quota called Telkomsel Flash Unlimited. You can see the monthly plan for Telkomsel Flash Unlimited at here.
Stage 1: Activate The Card
1. Get yourself Telkomsel SIM Card: Kartu Halo (postpaid), Simpati or Kartu As (prepaid)
2. Register for 3G Service first, by sending text “3G” to number “3636”
3. Upon receiving activation confirmation (up to 24 hours, but usually just in a hour), proceed with sending text “flash” to number “3636”
4. You’ll get another confirmation that your SIM Card is ready.

Stage 2: Connect to Internet
This steps varies from users to users depends on mobile phone or data card. You can choose to use Telkomsel provided USB Modem Card (that is branded as Flash in its body, but actual product is Huawei E220 that is compatible to Windows, Linux, and Mac), or find another card such as Sierra 3G Card, or use your 3G/3.5G Mobile Phone.
Huawei E220 is quite expensive, around IDR 2 millions, or wait several months again until price is drop. I recommend using mobile phone such as Sony Ericsson (start from IDR 1.7 millions), LG (start from 1.6 million), and Nokia (you know it will not be cheaper that SE).
Now I assume you use mobile phone as I do. I am using Sony Ericsson M600i with MacBook.
1. Install PC Suite for your PC/Laptop, make sure Modem Driver is installed and phone is detected.
2. Create a dial-up connection, fill phone number with apn “flash
3. Now try to dial-up
4. When connected, try open any website for the first time. You will be redirected to Telkomsel Flash homepage to choose the package (sometimes it got discounted). After deciding your package, then the counter will be soon started.

Play wisely because it is time-based!


  1. shit ! Why do always time based ?

  2. Thanks for the info!

    Is it possible to use the prepaid service with a pcmcia card? if so how do you activate the SIM?

    Thanks again,


  3. Martin Johnson

    Can you use Flash in non3G areas such as areas that only have EDGE? the pricing is getter the regular gprs pricing.

  4. Alan cawley

    I recently installed a telkomsel sim card in my sierra air card I did the flash 3636 reg,but, the cost of running this system seems to be costing me double the 350rps quoted by telkomsel. What do you think I did wrong. To use the system as I have it will need a second morgage on the house.

  5. @Alan: after succesfully connected to the 3G, the first time you browse a page it will redirect you the Telkomsel menu for you to choose the package (minute/hour/daily/weekly). And make sure you are using the correct APN (that is FLASH)

  6. Bamby

    Does telkom flash have constanly of speed (384 kb/s)? Did it ever hang n lack before? Especialy when the winter, coz now I using Indosat n always be dispointed by trouble of the conection in the winter. Even they cheeper.. But sucks!

  7. Riloan

    how is the transfer rate?? more than 100KBpS?

  8. Tolong di terjemahkan di bahasa indonesia

  9. Harkonnen

    Hi Folks,

    Yes, I applied for 125.000/monthly unlimited started from 9 June – I was glad on my b’day.
    Connection was fine until 27 June 2008, I cannot get through of my connection. I am using my handphone – it was fine – it appears I don’t have GPRS signal. I tried to move, tried to visit my friends house close to Telkomsel Tower. I am in Denpasar.
    I tried using Huawei E220 as modem with my Halo Number – totally failed. I am using my friend’s Number on my Handphone and on the modem and it’s working so good. Why it’s just only my number affected with any destruction – seems the port is closed for mine. I called CS day by day – same answers there’s was destruction on flash connection and asked me to try periodically – unprofessional answer for me. I have recorded conversation with the CS.

    Am I the only person here who have failure connection with telkomsel flash? Please share your comments and deeply appreciated.


  10. Hengky

    i am not interested in this package, althought i use xl unlimited for almost 400k rp per month, i have no problems with connection and quota.

    i just wish that this xl unlimited can do more than gprs..

  11. michael

    telkomsel flash soo slowwww soooo reaalllll …..telkomsel3g 🙂

  12. Younk

    Updated for flash unlimited user.APN must internet recomended.dont use APN telkomsel.i know that fact after im asking the customer using basic flash unlimited with my nokia n91 as modem.flash in the fact not fast,but very slow.

  13. Andreas

    Hi, just a question….I am onlien with flash and a vadofone datacard, no problem. But when I open the browser I am online and access the page I intended and will not be redirected. So, how to choose the package?


  14. Oi Alisanata – terima kasih atas infonya … tapi ada keluhan dikit, hehehhe…

    1. you say you are using a macbook but then you instruct us to install the PC suite into our PC/laptop … is there a mac OsX suite for kartu halo?

    2. saya baru pindah langganan dari IM2 ke telkomsel kartu Halo dan sekarang ada masalah pakai kartu halo dalam Huawei 220 saya … ada panduan?

    thanks ya

    salam dari jakartaguy di kemang

  15. @Jakartaguy:
    1. I’m using windows in virtual machine t try to dial.
    2. If you want to dial directly from Mac, see my latest post about Huawei :

    Make sure you change APN from IM2 to Flash

  16. Riswan

    You said that it’s time based,I think you make a mistake. I’ve used it and the package is volume based..

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