Pacific Place Opening Date (rumour: 22 Nov 07)

After several months delay, Pacific Place Jakarta is counting days for soft opening. Rumor said that it will have opening date as early as 22 November 2007. The name was purchased from Hong Kong Pacific Place. Opening Delay is okay when they can commit to open all stores simultaneously on the day, a good lesson from Senayan City opening. You can see that Grand Indonesia is lacking of this simultaneously opening concept.

The complex will consists of Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Office Towers, Condominium, and Pacific Place Shopping Mall. Located at Jakarta SCBD, very near to Semanggi, next to JSX/BEJ Towers.



  1. kris

    I don’t think it’s a rumour.
    They already placed banner written ‘November 22’.
    And Kem Chicks has placed the banner with same text as well.
    Don’t forget they will have Blitz Megaplex too.

  2. furelize

    many shops are still closed…
    just going there for the FF

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