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Well, I have just watched Heroes till episode 18th, the intense was so high but I haven’t got next episodes. Waiting is very hard job right now. I can say this serial is very good and addictive. A worth watching tv series.

One of interesting character in the serial is Hiro Nakamura (played by Masi Oka). He is a Japanese that were mean to save the world with his special ability: bend time and space, doing teleport.  And now we have the interesting fact: Hiro has a blog! He wrote many side notes regarding his journey (along with actual episode). Now you can confused about who’s writing the blog: Masi Oka or Hiro Nakamura. Well I think none of them, the blog must be wrote by someone else in the production company.

You can also view each episode from NBC Heroes 360 site ( , including viewing commentary, send your artwork (who knows your painting will be showing as Issac’s future paintings), and exploring map owned by Suresh Mohinder 🙂


24 – Season 6

In Season 5, Jack Bauer was last seen kidnapped and shipped off by the Chinese in a tanker to an unknown prison camp. Jack returned in Season 6 on the first episode. Just by looking at his appearance you’d have guessed how much he was tortured.

Yet I haven’t watched any of the season 6’s episodes, I can’t hardly wait for it. Just have to wait till May-June for the release of the DVD.

Jack Bauer (starred by Keifer Sutherland) in Season 6

Prison Break

Last night, I finished watching last episode of 24 serials (season 5). This series still maintain is quick pace and action scenes to a very addictive level, but season 5 story is really a bit confusing and too much unnatural story, that I believe the writer tried so hard to fill it to fit 24 episodes.

Then I continue to watch a new series called Prison Break. Although it is not as fast as 24 in storytelling, but it can maintain in pace to an addictive level, since you have to watch episode to episode because you can hardly wait what next action is.

Prison Break So I recommend you all to watch this series, I believe it’s not popular yet in Indonesia because lack of information (and of course the DVD Seller, I could only find one store sell it). You can find more information in wiki :