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Jay Again

His latest album Still Fantasy (依然范特西, 2006) really hit my ears. It tooks several playbacks to get accustomed to his changing style. Although rap and R&B still a major serving, with different singing technique listeners have to adapt it.

It is a kind of album that we love it or we dislike it. Most of people still in love with previous album November Chopin (十一月的肖邦, 2005), get surprised with several tracks, especially with 迷迭香 (track #9) in which Jay sings in jazzy style. Another note is track #10 菊花台. It is OST for his latest film. I haven’t found the song composer, but if it is Jay, it must be hard and fantastic for him to sing in ’70s style. It is a slow song, and I always associate it with one Andy Lau’s song.

听妈妈的话 (Track #2) is for mainstream fans. I think this track is behind of why Jay named this album Still Fantasy, it is very similar to his second album Fantasy. I couldn’t understand all of lines in this song, but if I am not wrong, the lyrics says “Other artists song are written by me.” Cool huh. Self confident and it’s the fact. Even Aaron Kwok latest album (soon to be released) will include song composed by Jay.

Anyway, as a fan, you should have this album. Give your comment should you find any interestings.


I am very anxious in waiting for the Jay Chou newest album. Trying to find it music store is impossible since I live in Jakarta. But fortunately, I found the download site on a forum. Very interesting that it has been posted on Sept 1st, 4 days in advance from official release date.

I have track #3 and #5 now. The other tracks will be acquired several days ahead because I want to avoid my name listed as top internet player on the company. Track #3 is very good, generating your own nostalgia memory.. Uhm.. no time to type more.. I’m busy in listening and learning the lyrics.