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For those who doesn’t use Domino/Notes 8, but want to start to use free Office Productivity Suite, IBM just lauch IBM Lotus Symphony: Document, Presentation, and Spreadsheets.

Richly-featured productivity tools that are intuitive to use and compatible with your files. Provided at no charge for your home, school or business. This is just a new move to compete directly with Microsoft Office, since IBM has many advantages in supporting corporate infrastructure markets. This software has same functionality with those installed with IBM Lotus Notes 8.0. It is based on Open Document Format(ODF) which means very portable to other office suites such as OpenOffice.

You can review and download the software from IBM Site:

Ow,  one more thing, this software is still in Beta Version.


Sometime I wish to have a mobile encyclopedia walking beside me wherever I go. Currently because I subscribe to mobile internet broadband, that wish is temporarily abandoned because I can open wikipedia directly from Opera Mobile Browser or by visiting which is mobile friendly. And guess what, one guy just make it for me and you.

It is designed to run under Symbian 60 and should be working to Symbian UIQ, then your Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson mobile phone can have this ‘small’ application.

You can read the installation instruction and file download at his site.

Key features:

  • Approximately 2050 full-length articles, and over 3.5 million words (equivalent to a 4,000+ page book in text alone)
  • Storage Card & Phone Memory Compatibility
  • Keyword Search
  • Adjustable font sizes and styles
  • Cross Reference Links – tap on a link to easily go to the related article
  • An easy-to-use alphabetical index for all articles
  • Compatibility with ALL S60 devices, from the Nokia 7650 to the N95

Tracking GPRS Internet Usage

The problem using Internet Data Plan Package is you have to control yourself to avoid over-quota. I’m using Mac OS X Tiger, Sony Ericsson M600i with Indosat 3G Package for internet connection. Monthly charge is Rp 130,000 (promo rate) for 1 GB.

I can check usage in the symbian phone by opening Connection Manager, find GPRS Modem entry (usually created by PC Suite Software), and check its total connection log. How about using computer software to track it? I’ve crawl so many websites to find freeware for Windows or for Mac with empy hand. One day, Benny gave me a reference to download  SurplusMeter for Mac.

It measures your download and upload in PPP port in very handy way. Install and forget. SurplusMeter Agent will run in background even you quit the main program. You can input your monthly quota in the program so it will display usage status compared to the quota, reset the usage on specified monthly date, pause the counter for your own reason, etc. Let this program as your GPRS data usage counter and the best thing is it’s FREE under GNU GPL.

I’ve just found a way for MacBook OS X to recognize my SonyEricsson M600i as USB Flash Drive.

Maybe because there are a lot of users of M600i who also use Mac OS X, so we have to try solution and help each other since no official driver available to download, neither from Apple nor SonyEricsson. One thing is to have the phone as GPRS/3G modem dial-up, this was solved several weeks ago. Now this USB mount drive has been solved. Hope in the next release (Leopard) iSync can detect my phone.

Back to the topic, here is the procedure to have your M600i act as USB drive:
1. Download kext file from Magnus Blog. (
2. Extract the file to anywhere
3. Close all running applications (this is a must since you have to restart computer later)
4. Run the installation file extracted from zip
5. Follow the step in the installer (basically you just hit the next button)
6. Upon completion, it will ask you to restart computer.
7. After restarting, change your M600i USB setting from “Phone Mode” to “File Transfer”
8. Plug data cable from phone to computer
9. Pray that your Mac will detect a new storage and mount it. (it works for me!)

FYI, I’m using Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.9 and SonyEricsson M600i (firmware R4C01). Lower version of Mac OS X and lower firmware should be working to according to the site. Great work for Magnus, bravo!