Indosat Matrix Auto: is it worthed?

What makes Indonesian phone users afraid of postpaid service is afraid of over use of calls. Calling without limit will make people unaware that they have spend a lot of money just for chit chat. Then Matrix Auto should be a solution for that.

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Album Review: Jay Chou – On The Run

A long awaiting album finally came up yesterday, latest album of Jay Chou 周杰伦 named On The Run which is taken from first tract title Cowboy on the run (牛仔很忙). It is released on Nov 2, 2007 but has already been available at torrent download and forum site since night Nov 1.

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t has been several months for GSM Operator 3 (operated by Hutchison) entered Indonesian market. First month of the launching was quite a hit and word-of-mouth. But recent months was quite difficult for 3 because they didn’t offer something CATCHY and BIG as a new player (you can compared with Esia or Fren). Surely they couldn’t compete in price level since many operators compete in price. It’s time for them to adopt their success story in Europe in here.

Hutchison 3 U.K has just launched Skypephone, a handset designed to simplify use of the Skype VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application.
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